Final Introduction…

Hi all! My name is Maddie Price. I am a sophomore at Gettysburg College majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Educational Studies and Theatre Arts.  I come from Lawrenceville, NJ, which very much represents suburbia New Jersey, sprawling with nice cars, squirrels, and malls. So, EDUC 220 has been my first big dive into urban studies, and my eyes have already been opened to a lot of harsh realities just from our readings. I’ve only started getting into studying education this year, so I’m really excited for this extra classroom experience in Baltimore! And, as we education students are taught, what better way to learn than through immersion and hands-on work?


Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore

Hello world, this is Mr. Rodriguez and I will be blogging about my Spring Break experience. I am currently enrolled in an Urban Education course is Gettysburg College. Throughout the semester we have been investigating the education system in urban areas. This Spring Break we will be having a more hands on experience and actually visit schools in Baltimore and run a College-Prep after school program in Midtown Academy Charter School. The purpose of this blog is to keep you guys updated on this rewarding journey that I am going to experience. I was informed that me and three other classmates will be leading a group of 5 kids in a after school program. The group decided to spilt the work evenly and I was selected to do the first day. My job is to make everyone comfortable and set the tone for the rest of the week. I am excited and ready to embark in this adventure.

I honestly don’t know what to expect, so I plan on going to Baltimore and roll with the punches. I have three other great classmates with me and we are leading five students so I am sure each kid is going to get enough attention. Being that I am doing Teach for America next year I will most definitely be using this time as practice. This is all for Blog 1. Byeeeeeeeeeee.


Sup Baltimore

Hello, my name is Michael Curland and I am a Junior at Gettysburg College. I am a Political Science major and unfortunately have not taken any previous EDUC classes before this one (EDUC 220). I am from Franklin Lakes New Jersey, and have attended schools in New York since the fifth grade. Because I stopped attending public schools after fourth grade, I have always had a keen interest in what their curriculums provide students with in terms of Imagesecondary school and college preparation. So far, the readings and class discussions we have had in class have been quite thought-provoking, so I am very much looking forward to the first-hand experience this Baltimore trip will provide me. I am very excited to meet the students, as myself and my group have spent a lot of time preparing and editing our curriculum. It will be interesting to see how they react to what we have created!

Baltimore: Here we Come!!

Hi! my name is Adam and I am a senior Health Science major at Gettysburg College. I am originally from Salem, Massachusetts. I have generally taken science oriented classes at college and Urban Education is my first education class. I chose to take this class to expand my horizons and experiences. So farI have found the topics we have discussed to be very engaging and interesting. I am used to having very objective classes oriented around a powerpoint presentation. In contrast, this class is extremely discussion and opinion based and has allowed me the opportunity to express myself in ways I cannot in Health Science courses. I was originally somewhat disappointed to learn that we had to give up our spring break for this class but am trying to stay positive. I have only been to Baltimore for day trips and hope that staying for a whole week will provide enlightening experiences. Further, I am excited to expose myself to cultures and teaching styles I am not familiar with. I am excited to help the students I come in contact with and hope that I will serve as a good role model for them.

The Beginning


My name is Michael Cuttitta and I am currently a senior at Gettysburg College.  I am a Political Science Major with a Minor in Business.  This is my first education class and needless to say, I am really excited about our weeklong trip to Baltimore to visit Midtown Academy.  I have geared my lesson plan towards informing the students about potential career choices.  I hope that by the end of the week they will have a firm understanding about what requirements and prerequisites different careers demand.  I would like them to not only explore careers that they are already interested, but also have them explore additional areas.

B’more Bound

Hi this is Mr. Kirby reporting from Baltimore, Maryland. This is my first time blogging so hopefully you can bear with me. This Baltimore experience will certainly be unique for me considering this is also my first time creating and executing a lesson plan. I do not have an academic background in education as I am a Management major and Business minor. I am sure there will be some hiccups throughout the week but I am confident my team and I will have a very successful week with the students from Midtown Academy.  I am hoping the students are excited and ready to engage in our team’s “curriculum” for the week. Furthermore, I am hoping they take as much out of this week as I plan to.

Baltimore, here I come!


blogpicHi, my name is Rex Yin and I am currently a junior at Gettysburg College studying Intercultural Studies through Education. I am interested in studying the relationship between culture and educational achievement, and how these relationships contribute to educational policy decisions.

I am from Philadelphia, PA, and is a product of the Philadelphia public education system. Although I am tremendously familiar with urban education, I enrolled into EDUC  220: Urban Education so I could study urban education through a scholarly and academic perspective. In addition, while studying abroad in Denmark last semester, we did a ton of academic excursions and trips to schools, learning centers and other country’s school systems, and it really enriched my learning experience. I’m really excited to go to Baltimore because I know this will be one of my highlights for the class.

This trip is focused on charter school reform, and this is something I’ve always had mixed feelings about. Specifically, I have friends who graduated from charter schools and bragged about their amazing experiences. Then again, I see how they’re being detrimental to the public school system but would like a firmer grasp on this. I am hoping that this week will help me understand charter school reform and answer my big question: “Should charter schools be a part of the public school system?”

Well, I will be blogging daily starting today, so continue reading!

– Rex Yin