University of Phellix

Day 4: Completed. Another long but productive day for our urban education course. We woke up this morning and headed to a public boarding school, it was rather interesting. It felt like I was on a college campus. The kids come from all over Maryland and stay the whole week at their school. Out of all the schools we have visited, this school seems like they got everything together. The kid that I spoke to was well spoken and driven. I was very inspired and impress. However, it is unfortunate that there are still many other kids who cannot have the some opportunity that these students have.

            Andrea was the group leader today. I think she taught the kids valuable lessons on interviewing, marketing yourself, and the process of applying to colleges. She did a good job relating and comparing both processes. She then had the students create a résumé. After all that was done she made go through a mock interview with me. This was fun. I was kind of hard on the kids, but I had to be. I see so much potential in them but they don’t have the confidence. After each interview I assured each person that they were great, and their only job is to make me believe them. This is why I want to get into teaching, so I can assure each student that can be as great as they want to be. 


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