Thursday, March 13

Today was our final full day in Baltimore. The first part of our day was spent visiting yet another reform model in the city. Unlike the other schools we visited, this school houses their students during the week and sends them home on the weekend. I was very impressed with the teachers and students we were introduced to. The one student we met was very aware of her situation and how lucky she was to be at the school. I personally do not know if I would be able to attend boarding school at that age. However, one student I spoke to acknowledged that she found this to be beneficial because she would be used to dorm style living and being away from home when she attends college. I respect this reform model because it seem to address the issues present on the first reform model we saw but does not take extreme measures like the reform model we saw yesterday. This school provides a safe environment for their students and allows them the opportunity for success.

Our final day at Midtown Academy was very rewarding. I am pleased by how comfortable the students have become with us and have watched this change occur over the week. Our lesson today focused on interview skills and financial aid. The students all did very well on their interviews and I have complete faith that they will be successful in the future. I am also glad did this exercise because it gave me a clearer image of proper conduct during an interview. Today was a true testament to the saying that you learn best by teaching. The students were also very interested in financial aid and asked very engaging questions. It was great to be able to share my own experiences with them while discussing financial aid and make the lesson more personal. I am excited for tomorrow’s presentation and hope that the guests appreciate the work that went into this week.


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