Our day started out with a bus ride to a boarding school for low income middle- and high-school students. Upon entering, I was highly impressed with the facilities. The dorm rooms looked much nicer than my freshman dorm at Gettysburg. You could tell there was significant outside investment in order for this school to work (considering it was a public school.) One of the first thoughts I had related to the financials behind it. Obviously this model is not financially feasible district-wide. It makes me wonder whether it would be more beneficial to disperse the money evenly among all of the schools within a certain district. The matter is more complex than that but it still poses an important issue.

After our trip at the boarding school, we conducted our final College and Career Institute session with our seventh grade students. They were relatively well behaved for the last day. The highlight of this session was their reception to the mock job interviews. I was pleasantly surprised by their enthusiasm and responses to the questions we asked. It is very encouraging and I hope that translates into a passion for a long-term career. Now all we have left is their final presentations. I hope their presentations go well so the week ends on a positive note. We ended the night with our trip to the Afghan restaurant. The food was surprisingly tasty. It is always good to try new things so I am happy we gave it a shot.


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