Day 4

Today seemed to blow by for me, literally. From the morning I left for our newest charter school visit to the last moments of our final “teaching” session with Midtown, the unbearable amounts of wind played a huge factor in how I felt the whole day. Because of this, it was hard for me to pay attention during the outdoors parts charter school tour. Regardless, I was able to find some peace whilst indoors. While inside, I found that the students at this particular school were not only very engaged and excited to learn, but also extremely intelligent as well. I could tell the programs this school implemented were working quite well.

After the charter school visit, I had some time to grab a quick lunch, and then I was off to Midtown for the final day of our pre-designed curriculum. Today was interesting in that the students spent much of the day working on their life maps, which they seemed to enjoy quite a bit. One thing I thought was very impressive was that some of the girls in my group actually began to give constructive criticism to another student based on what they had been taught previously in the week. I found it extremely rewarding to know that some of what we had been preaching this week actually stuck with the students; a testament to how we are actually making an impact on their lives.

After Midtown, the class had a chance to eat as a whole, which, aside from some payment complications, was a nice change of pace. This was the only point throughout the trip where I felt like everyone had a good chance to bond/socialize as a whole, which I thought was fun. The Afghan food we ate was incredible, and relatively cheap as well. Our teacher did a great job of picking the food tonight!


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