Rather than waking up and relaxing in the common area, I woke up and immediately went out the door after my morning shower. Today was probably one of our longest days but it was definitely a great a day. We explored another charter school reform model that also attempted to remove the students from their external environment and place them in a more academic environment. This time we were able to visit the school and see it in action.

This charter school was placed on top of a hill, away from the neighborhoods surrounding it. Walking from the bus stop to the school, it was easy to notice the contrast. It had a large campus and provided it students’ with amazing facilities and staff that could take care of them at anytime. It’s a public school that serves all the counties. We spent a lot of time touring the campus and learning more about the philosophy and structure of the school. It more or less attempted to resemble a college campus. After our tour, I had lunch with a student and I questioned her on the school. I asked her, “Describe the school in three words,” and her response — “Challenging, Friendly, Crazy.” She enjoyed the rigorous curriculum that they were providing her and felt like it will be helpful for her future. She appreciate the staff that the school hired and love their friendly personality. Then again, she does experience some crazy drama with younger students and there were an array of situations that happens throughout the year. Overall, she likes the school but thinks that the school was trying too hard to resemble a college campus and felt like it was an exaggeration. For me, I am still torn that there are thousands of other students who are missing this education.

As for our College and Career Institute, today is our second to last day of it. I’m so sad that it’s going to be ending tomorrow and so proud of the work that we’ve accomplished this week. Today, Rachel had the students do a mock interview, an application essay, and begin compiling their portfolio. As I reflect on the entire week, I am satisfied with the Institute, although there is a few things that I would like to improve, I’m happy. I am going to miss the students and miss Baltimore. It’s been great spending my entire Spring Break here.

What to expect tomorrow: Final reflection! :[


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