Wednesday- Day 3

Today was very enjoyable. We were able to sleep in which I was very pleased about. The first part of we had the pleasure of listening to a guest speaker from a nearby charter school. I was very impressed by all the information she knew and the model of the school. I see the reform model she described as a direct response to the environment we saw during our shadowing experience yesterday. The schools we saw yesterday were lacking in control and structure. In contrast, the reform model our guest described addresses this issue through adherence to strict policy. I respect this structure but also feel that it is slightly militaristic. I agree with what Kirby said today that this model is slightly dehumanizing. The way that the guest spoke about the students made them seem as if they were a product that they were making and selling. I can foresee a lack of individuality resulting from this model. However, I would choose this model of reform over the school we visited yesterday for my children because they would at least be getting a better education and be learning respect and values.

Our third day at Midtown was very eventful. Today we discussed obstacles that our students may face when applying to college. In our first activity we had the students brainstorm obstacles that they currently face and may face. I was very impressed with the various examples there were able to generate and describe. These students are very aware of their environment and I think this will help them later in life. We also held an activities fair for the students in which we described the various clubs and groups that are available at college. The students made this easier for us by asking pertinent questions and showing genuine interest in our involvement in groups at Gettysburg. At the end the students seemed somewhat withdrawn and tired and I attribute this to the MSA testing they had done earlier in the day. I was very happy with how the day went and hope tomorrow is just as enjoyable.


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