Today is the Day

The day started out with a visit from a reform school (they shall not be named). Some of the representative’s comments made the school sound like it was dehumanizing the students involved (especially some of the terms they utilize). However, it was not all negative. It is good to see they are a very successful school in terms of standardized testing scores. Also, many of these students are attending college. At the end of the day, testing scores is the most important factor. I am hopeful more schools are able to learn a lesson from this model and garner more long-term success.


Today was the day I had to run my lesson plan. I was pleasantly surprised on how well the session played out. Due to the experiences we had, we as a group were able to adapt to the dynamics of the room. We decided to change up the seating in order to have a better response from the students. I believe it worked and hopefully this will lead to continued success tomorrow. They seemed genuinely interested in learning about college. After the session we decided to try out a local specialty, Chap’s Pit Beef. It was delicious even though I am now struggling to keep it down. But it was well worth it.


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