Future Me

Today’s theme/focus for our Midtown Academy children was “Where are you going?” We started out by asking the students where they saw themselves in 5, 10, and 15 years. I did this assignment too, and was surprised to see where I hope I would be in those years, and how old I am going to be! I also was able to realize that I have a lot of things I just simply couldn’t get all down on the board. It was interesting to see what the students wanted to do most importantly, and how everything was centered around helping others and their community. Another thing that was done today was the “Networking/Job” fair. I taught them the importance of networking. I told them that most times “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” They understood that, so I hope they are more open minded to meeting new people whether it be a nerd, a not so well kept person, or the greatest entrepreneur. We also held a job fair, and I taught them how to make business cards. That was fun! I believe they really took well to the networking, job fair. We used skills from the interviews we did to help them in successfully networking at the fair; skills like a good handshake, eye contact, not being fidgety, etc.

Tomorrow we make our life maps incorporating all three themes we’ve explored so far: Who are you? , Where are you from?, Where are you going?. All those questions make up a person’s life! LIFE MAPS!


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