Day three in B-Town

Half way there! Today we got to wake up a little later than usual, which was awesome. A representative from a well-known charter school came to the hostel and spoke to us. She mainly spoke about how the school came to be and their methods of teachings. Although many kids thought that the school’s style was too harsh and robotic, I believe it was amazing. Its not perfect, but they get results. They are affecting families. They are teaching kids values and how to behave. Some of these kids are not learning how to behave civilized in their homes, and that is the reason why they are not succeeding. This school goes beyond the call of duty and teaches them academics and how to behave. I like what the school stands for, and I am a supporter.

Day three for our afterschool program was solid. We had a new kid and she integrated just fine with us. However one student was having a hard day and we had trouble getting her to participate. Maddie had some great lessons planned, but unfortunately the computers’ wifi was not on our side. So we had to think on our feet and use the one computer that was working and put in on the projector and find alternatives way to get our message across. Today we also had to put our foot down because we felt the kids were getting to comfortable and a little too chatty. They did take it well and the rest of the day went smoother. I think it is difficult to get kids as engage as we want them to since they already have been drained from the regular school day. That’s how the third day went. Oh, yeah, I also had some awesome pitt-beef.


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