Day 3: If it weren’t for that meddling Internet…

Today, we learned about the next reform school model, a franchise charter school, not by visiting, but by being visited. We had a Q&A with the Recruitment Director…first of all, since when did public schools have recruitment directors?? There seemed to be several conflicting descriptions about this school model: joyous but militaristic, about students and about the numbers. While the idea being highly structured sounding appealing, especially after experiencing yesterday’s public schools, some of us questioned whether this emphasis on standardized assessment performance and behavior brainwashing was actually “teaching” the students anything relevant (such as critical thinking…) and if it actually translated to life after this school, to the outside world, the real world.

Also, at Midtown this afternoon, today was my day to lead the lesson. I planned A LOT to cover, but I didn’t think that I underestimated how long each activity would take, and that seemed to be the case in the beginning. As long as we had questions that encouraged the kids to think, they answered. I noticed that their college questions were becoming more specific as the week went on too. However, then we were to used the laptops… We thought that by starting them up before the lesson that we were prepared against any more technical difficulties…NOPE. Even once on the internet and I wanted the students to follow along looking up different college types as we discussed them, the loading was so slow that it was almost useless, and I knew this made my plan to have each student conduct their own college search & comparison a lost cause too. At least they can keep the worksheets with the website names, and there is always opportunity for review…


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