3 down, 2 to go

Being able to wake up at 11 AM again today was nice, and not having to go anywhere until 2 was even better. The day officially began at 12:30, and first on the agenda was a talk session with another charter school representative right here in the hostel lobby. I was surprised to find that in this particular charter school, the students were held to much higher standards not only academically but behaviorally than some of the other charter schools we have learned about. I was particularly surprised to find that the students who failed to complete their homework were openly criticized by the rest of the students who did do their homework, all as part of the curriculum at the charter school.

After the session, we made our way right to Midtown for day 3 of our curriculum. This time around, my group focused on “where are going” as a theme for the day, and the students seemed to get very into it. One particular activity which the students really enjoyed was the job fair marketing game. The students used their newly created business cards to go from group member to group member trying to sell themselves to different job titles. They laughed and had a lot of fun with this, which I thought made them enjoy it that much more.

After Midtown, I went to Chaps Pit Beef with some of the classmates and had probably   the best Baltimore food experience of the trip. Going into the endeavor, I knew this particular restaurant was on the Man vs. Food show and was ranked best Pit Beef in Baltimore, so my expectations were very high. After I tried the food, I wasn’t disappointed, and although my stomach was a little restless on the bus ride back, I would still say it was worth it. Looks like I’ll be going to bed well nourished tonight!


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