Rainy Days

This morning was an adventure to say the least. After feeling relatively awake at 6:45 this morning, I came to the realization that it was raining outside. I did not bring a jacket or umbrella so my clothes were pretty damp. We took the public bus, which went over smoothly before arriving at the school. I felt very welcomed by the administration and teachers. We were introduced to our student tour guides who were all very nice as well. Upon entering the classrooms, I was immediately surprised by the atmosphere. Some of the classroom tendencies were similar to the urban education stereotypes we have reviewed in class. Students would nonchalantly show up thirty minutes late to class and the teachers would say nothing. During a few of the classes, I found the teacher to be taking more class time making sure the kids were behaving rather than teaching. There were some students who you could tell were very motivated to learn and go to college. I appreciate how they are able to separate from some of the craziness involved at the high school. The low point in the trip came when Adam and I were leaving the high school. It was down pouring outside and the bus took ten minutes to arrive. We were soaked from head to toe and shivering until we arrived at the hostel and were able to change and take showers. After some food, we were recharged and ready to conduct our second day session at Midtown Academy.

As a group, I certainly believe we felt a different dynamic with the group today. Collectively, they seemed to be less motivated to follow our directions and in turn they did not complete the work to our expectations. I brainstormed why this may be the case and think it was because we were too comfortable with them the first day. They were able to see what they can get away with while continuing to push the limit. Tomorrow we need to set the precedent at the beginning of the session. It was frustrating but I think it is correctable. The night did end on a happy note; everyone from class went to Five Guys and as always I ate too much. If you haven’t realized yet, I will absolutely be talking about food everyday.


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