Doing more in B’more

Day Numero Dos!

What a long day! But a lot was accomplished. Today I was in the lucky group who got to have more sleep because we were visiting the elementary school. We were out the door by 10:30am and headed to the bus stop. Things I learned today, Baltimore transit system is not very sufficient. After waiting at the bus stop for 15 minutes in the rain we finally got on the bus and were on our way to an elementary school. The elementary school had testing all morning so the rest of the afternoon was free time. I shadowed a 5th grader and he showed me around. I ate with his friends and watch as they played. While they were playing I spent 30 minutes talking to a six-grade teacher. I asked for some teaching advice and opinions on the education system and his school.  He gave me honest answers and insightful responses. It was unfortunate that I couldn’t see the day to day school day.

After we left that elementary school we headed back to Midtown Academy. Again, the busses took forever and we almost arrived late. Today Mike facilitated the group and he did a fantastic job. We started off the day with one of our students rapping and the other two dancing. After we played a game of charades and the students found it very entertaining. Next we were supposed to have them take an online career test but the laptop wifi was not working. So Mike had them do a role playing game while I tried to get the computers running. We managed to get both done and the students were able to do both activities. Finally the kids started working on their life map. They seemed really into making those. Tomorrow they will continue to work on their life maps and start learning about different types of colleges. 


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