Day 2: The Journey

Today we traveled nearly an hour to a Public Elementary School in Baltimore via bus and light rail.  The ride was long and the rain didn’t help but as we got closer the sun came out and we passed by a really cool building mural.

Building Art

Building Art

Upon arriving to the school, I was anxious to meet with the students and interact with them.  At first glance I felt that this elementary school was designed much like the one I attended at home.  Both are very structurally different from Midtown Academy.  Like my intermediate school at home, The public school seemed to be very disorganized and wild with masses of students wandering the halls unsupervised.  Many teachers seemed to be unprepared and unable to control their classes with the exception of a few teachers.  Since we arrived right after the testing period, things were understandably chaotic and I would like to give the staff the benefit of possibly being overwhelmed by the process.

North Bend Elementary

Public Elementary School

We ended our day at Midtown Academy where I directed our lesson.  The lesson was geared towards career goals and I thought we did a lot of good things for the students.  The activity that they responded the most to was the Life Map.  Unfortunately the students weren’t able to finish in time but hopefully they will be able to tomorrow.


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