More Baltimore DAY ONE!

Day 1: Completed! Today, I woke up early in the morning packed my things last minute and met up with the class. Got on the bus, and just like that, I was in Baltimore. We got set up at the Hostel where we were staying at and grabbed a quick lunch. After that we immediately took off to Midtown Academy Charter School. Assistant Principal Penny greeted us. She gave us a warm introduction and answered some questions. We then observed a few classrooms. Midtown Academy is a small school, number-wise and space-wise. However, you can sense that it is a close community. After out observation my group and I went to the Math room and prepared for our first class.

I was leading this day. The objective of the day was to get to know each other, set the tone for the week, and get a sense of their general knowledge regarding Colleges and applying for them. We started off with introductions, as we went around I noticed we only had four students, which means one was absent. I also sense that they seemed drained from going through a whole school day. After introductions we did an ice breaker call “Never have I ever”. They seemed to enjoy the questions that they were asked. After we loosened up we played College Jeopardy. I spilt the class into two teams and we played jeopardy. Team “_HotStreak” beat team “#TeamAwesome”, however it was a close one. After jeopardy I realized that I was moving faster than the planned schedule. So we took a snack break and talked about our interests, mostly music. After that break it seemed that the students became more comfortable with us and they started to become more active. Next, we each wrote a poem about our dreams. I was happy to see that everyone participated. After all poems were read we had an open discussion on what they want to learn. Today was a successful day, although we did a lot of things on the spot, it all came together. I am ready to go back at it tomorrow.


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