Monday- Day 1

Today was a very eventful day. We arrived in the beautiful city of Baltimore promptly at 11 AM and were on the go the rest of the day. I have never stayed in a hostel before and was pleasantly surprised by the one we are staying in. I have also never stayed in Baltimore for more than a couple hours and hope that staying for the whole week will provide some interesting experiences. Today was our first day visting Midtown Academy and was immediately impressed by the building. The school is located in what was formerly a church near the MICA. I was impressed by the playground outside the school and was immediately reminded of when I was in elementary school. I really enjoyed the tour of the school and felt that it was a great way to get us oriented. I was pleasantly surprised by how polite the students were while we were in the classroom. They were extremely engaged with the teachers and seemed to really enjoy what they were learning.

Our first day of teaching also went extremely well. I was somewhat nervous for two reasons. I had the normal apprehension that comes with new experiences and I was also the facilitator for the day. I wanted to make sure that I set a proper tone for the week and did not let my group down. I am so appreciative of my group and how engaged they were even though I was the facilitator. The other members were right there with me and ready to help whenever I needed it. I was also surprised by how engaged the students were after they had already gone through a complete school day. I was impressed by the insightful questions they asked and was pleased that we were able to answer them. I could tell that the students are dedicated to their future success and want to be prepared as possible for life after secondary school. It was a very rewarding feeling to be able to share my experiences and insights with them and help to give them a clearer image of the future. Further, having to answer their questions helped me to personally think about my future and goals. I am very proud of our work today and hope that every day is just as fulfilling.



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