Day 1: A Tale of Two Neighborhoods

One day in Baltimore has already left an impression on me. Driving into the city through slums even before we arrived at the hostel, made my mental images from our class readings on inner city environments come to life. I can’t imagine having to grow up in such a broken down neighborhood with  trash and impoverishment everywhere; it makes me appreciate my grassy backyard a lot. Yet, I recognized that my mind  was having a conflict: many of these streets reminded me of those I have walked across in Manhattan several times before in my life, yet this was different…they were not overflowing with the wealthy tourists, businesspeople, and artists that give the Big Apple life. These streets cried out for a pick-me-up. As our class made the walk from the hostel to Midtown Academy, there was a notable shift to clean streets, larger buildings, and colorful eateries. We really found Baltimore’s wealth around the inner harbor, the tourist trap, where many of the people passing through may never know of the dirty neighborhoods only several blocks away.

Also, Eutaw.

Soph Spring 2 001Group 8A’s classroom



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