Case of the Mondays

We arrived safely in Baltimore around noon. Our first stop was the hostel. After peering into the room, it will certainly be interesting sleeping with seven other individuals in one room. I am a little concerned because I am a light sleeper but have brought my beauty mask to help me in my quest of the coveted eight hours. Most of the group walked over to Midtown Academy from the hostel. We got slightly lost but in the end were able to find the school with relative ease. Upon entering the school, I found our reception from the students to be positive.  The Assistant Principal provided us with a background of the school. We then broke up into our groups and observed different classes. I found this part of the day to be a little slow and now have a new appreciation for prospective teachers who are required to complete observation hours.

After the observation period, we made our final preparations before welcoming the students. I found the students to be initially shy but they became more and more vocal as the first session progressed.  Our group (shout out to Sara, Amada, and Anthony) did a great job of conducting the session. By the end, the students were highly engaged and genuinely interested in hearing about what we had to say.  The students were most excited about their visit to Gettysburg in April. I do not blame the students, as I would have been excited to visit a college if I was in middle school.  The session concluded and we had a wrap up discussion as a full class. Most of us then walked back (there was a lot of walking today) and changed before going out for dinner. I went with a small group to Chipotle that hit the spot (they need one in Gburg). Now I am winding down before going to bed early. I have to wake up at 6:45 (maybe I should have chose the elementary school option) tomorrow morning to make to the high school. This is uncharacteristic of my typical schedule at Gettysburg College. Coffee will be the top priority tomorrow morning.


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