Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore

Hello world, this is Mr. Rodriguez and I will be blogging about my Spring Break experience. I am currently enrolled in an Urban Education course is Gettysburg College. Throughout the semester we have been investigating the education system in urban areas. This Spring Break we will be having a more hands on experience and actually visit schools in Baltimore and run a College-Prep after school program in Midtown Academy Charter School. The purpose of this blog is to keep you guys updated on this rewarding journey that I am going to experience. I was informed that me and three other classmates will be leading a group of 5 kids in a after school program. The group decided to spilt the work evenly and I was selected to do the first day. My job is to make everyone comfortable and set the tone for the rest of the week. I am excited and ready to embark in this adventure.

I honestly don’t know what to expect, so I plan on going to Baltimore and roll with the punches. I have three other great classmates with me and we are leading five students so I am sure each kid is going to get enough attention. Being that I am doing Teach for America next year I will most definitely be using this time as practice. This is all for Blog 1. Byeeeeeeeeeee.



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