And so it Begins…

Well the trip started off on kind of a rough note for me; I-83 S was conveniently closed on my way in to Gettysburg early this morning and I was barely able to make it in before the bus left at around 9:45 AM. In the middle of my rush to make the bus, I left the cameras I had purchased for my group in my car, realizing this only as the bus was well on its way to Baltimore. All this did was add one more errand to my list upon arrival, and before I even had a chance to unpack my bags in the Hostel, I was already racing through midtown Baltimore looking for a place to buy disposable cameras. In doing so I got a good feel of the area we are staying in, and even found a good sushi place to grab lunch before we left for our first Midtown Academy visit.

Upon arrival at the Midtown Academy, the assistant principal did a great job of introducing us to the curriculum and ways of life at Midtown. Next, we broke into groups and got to observe the kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, and middle school classes for 20 minutes each. I thought this part was very interesting, as I have not been in or witnessed teaching methods for these grade since I experienced them first-hand. It was interesting observing these methods from another perspective, as I was able to note specifically how teachers taught and even disciplined the students if need be.

After the observation period, we got into our groups and made our final preparations for teaching. To my surprise, the students were incredibly well behaved, and were still very well engaged and cooperative when asked to be. They were a little shy initially, but it was nothing a few ice breakers and name games couldn’t fix. I was particularly surprised how much the students loved food and video games, two things I don’t quite remember loving that much at that age. By the end of the day, I can safely say my group did better than expected, and succeeded in getting the students to become more aware of who they are as people and of the paths they might want to start carving for themselves. In addition, they all seemed INCREDIBLY excited to visit Gettysburg. I cannot wait for day two tomorrow! KEEP READING!


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