Good Morning Baltimore (Tomorrow)!

Hi!  My name is Liz and I’m a Junior Religious Studies Major, Peace and Justice Studies Minor from a suburb of Boston.  Urban Education is my first education class at Gettysburg, although I have been interested in going into education for a while now.  This past summer, I worked with a non-profit that works to empower at-risk middle school girls in the Baltimore and Eastern Shore Areas of Maryland through after-school book clubs.  So, I have been really looking forward to this trip!  I’ve loved the readings and assignments we have done so far and I’m excited to see what we have learned be put into action!  Today has been busy with final curriculum changes and working with our groups to make sure that we have everything set for our College and Career Institute that will start tomorrow.  Although I’m nervous now, I think that will change once we meet our students tomorrow!  I hope that the kids will get a lot out of the week and be inspired to work towards college in the future!  I’m also guessing that we are going to learn so much through the students that we work with!   Image


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