Baltimore, here I come!


blogpicHi, my name is Rex Yin and I am currently a junior at Gettysburg College studying Intercultural Studies through Education. I am interested in studying the relationship between culture and educational achievement, and how these relationships contribute to educational policy decisions.

I am from Philadelphia, PA, and is a product of the Philadelphia public education system. Although I am tremendously familiar with urban education, I enrolled into EDUC  220: Urban Education so I could study urban education through a scholarly and academic perspective. In addition, while studying abroad in Denmark last semester, we did a ton of academic excursions and trips to schools, learning centers and other country’s school systems, and it really enriched my learning experience. I’m really excited to go to Baltimore because I know this will be one of my highlights for the class.

This trip is focused on charter school reform, and this is something I’ve always had mixed feelings about. Specifically, I have friends who graduated from charter schools and bragged about their amazing experiences. Then again, I see how they’re being detrimental to the public school system but would like a firmer grasp on this. I am hoping that this week will help me understand charter school reform and answer my big question: “Should charter schools be a part of the public school system?”

Well, I will be blogging daily starting today, so continue reading!

– Rex Yin


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