‘Twas the Night Before Baltimore


It's Me! :)  My name is Charrisha Watkins and I am a senior at Gettysburg College completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Organization and Management Studies. My short term goal is to graduate. I already have a job aligned for after graduation at AT&T in Atlanta, where I want to eventually start my life. I will be doing business to business sales. I do not have much experience in the field and never grew up saw myself in sales, but am super excited about this new opportunity. My long term goal is to own a daycare center and a spa for children.

Honestly, before starting the class and getting the email that the Baltimore trip was mandatory, I was actually a little upset because I would have been in New Orleans on an immersion project or in Hilton Head with my tennis team. As time progressed and I started to learn more about urban education, I started to accept my calling for the trip. I will make the best of it, and will be sure to connect it to my life. Not only will I be an important asset to the trip, but the trip will be an asset to me and my life. I am excited to help children start thinking about their long-term goals so far as college and success is concerned. I hope that on these five days, I will serve as an example of a successful young lady, and an example of growth despite the struggles and situations along the way. I vow to be honest with these children and give them all that I have to offer. I hope they are open to accepting Gettysburg College into their school and will approach this College and Career Institute with open minds and hearts.


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