Pre-trip jitters

It’s the day before the Urban Education class heads out. As usual with any big trip, there’s a lot of mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness. As a biology major, this is the first education class that I have ever taken. I’ve learned a lot so far about all the different factors that led to the condition it’s in now and what our country is trying to do in improving education systems in urban areas. More than anything though, I’ve learned that there is no perfect step by step process in teaching and I don’t have any idea of what works for me when I’m running a curriculum. So this week will be a lot of trial and error to see what works and what doesn’t. We’ll see I guess! Still, I’m really excited to meet the kids in my group, especially now that we know who we have and got to read their survey. I hope the kids learn a lot, but most importantly, I just hope the kids enjoy the curriculum we’ve set for them. It’s hard to believe it’s tomorrow!

-Yoo Yuong


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